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04MagTutto il giorno05On May 4th - 5th, let's protect family farming!

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On the 4th  and 5th of May 2019, the volunteers of FOCSIV Campaign “We laughed for something serious” will be in the Italian squares to support family farming.

Family farming focuses on families, especially women and young people, who are protagonists of territorial development both in Italy and in the countries of the South of the world, giving back to the communities the right to produce the food necessary for their livelihood through a model of production linked to the tradition of the territories and able to improve the quality of life.
Family farming represents the most sustainable and effective response to hunger and malnutrition of entire communities, combining the right to food to human dignity.

Finally, it emphasizes the global alliance between Italian farmers, from the North of the world, and farmers from the countries of the Global South, through the sell of packages of rice.

The proceeds will be used to support 37 family farming projects in Italy and around the world.
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Maggio 4 (Sabato) - 5 (Domenica)