The Team

Naim Abdessalem

ASOC, Tunisia

Graduated in accounting and trained in HR in the associative sector, he has been president of the Volontariat Sans Frontières association since 2013. He was coordinator of a project to rehabilitate a natural space – Health Path, the Ideal Green School project, as well as a project on youth mobilization. He takes over the coordination of the TERO project from ASOC, following Nada Ben Ahmed.

Madyoury Tandia

Tenmiya, Mauritania

An engineer specializing in the development and management of mineral resources and infrastructure at the Higher Scientific Institute with a degree in hydrogeology. Coordinator and head of the monitoring and evaluation of projects at Tenmiya since 2000. Professor at the University of Nouakchott, he collaborates in applied research projects at the Water laboratory and coordinates different studies (i.e. IRA exacerbated by climate change, vulnerability mapping in the cities of Nouakchott and Nouadhibou, integrated management of water resources in Oued de Tidjikja, national water and healthcare investments…).

Sabrina Hervé

France Volontaires, France

With a degree in international relations and development, she has been working for several years on multi-actor projects involving public entities and civil society on various themes (environment, justice, education and culture). She took over the coordination of the TERO project from France Volontaires in September 2019 following Solène Gasnier.

Mathilde Bourjac

CARI, France

Engineer in international agro-development training, specializing in rural development. Since December 2018 she has been a policy officer at CARI and International Coordinator of the Réseau Associatif de Développement Durable des Oasis (RADDO). She took over the project coordination following Jean Baptiste Cheneval.

Sabrina Kikich

AOFEP, Morocco

Master in Solar Technologies and Sustainable Development at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Errachidia. Her final project concerns energy efficiency and the transition to green energy, including waste recovery. At the same time, she participated in several training courses in project management cycle. She took over the project coordination following Marwa Boutayeb.

Daniela Peschiulli


Degree in law from the University of Lecce, works at FOCSIV from 2008 as Programme manager in the Office programs. Following in particular policies and European funds on the issues of active citizenship, international development and voluntary humanitarian volunteer.

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