The trainings on Youth Mobilisation

As part of the activities of the TERO project, some training days were held in the countries involved in the project to strengthen the capacity of the partners to mobilise young volunteers in their activities. The training took place between September and November...

The “Dates and milk” week in Chenini

As part of the activities of the TERO project, the ASOC - Association de sauvegarde de l'oasis de Chenini has organized the fifth edition of the "Dates and Milk Week" in the schools of the oasis of Chenini, Tunisia. The initiative was held from Monday 12 to Sunday 18...

The 2° consortium meeting of the TERO project in Gabès, Tunisia

Gabès, 22nd ,23th, 24th January 2019 After less than 6 months after the previous meeting in Errachidia, Morocco, the members of the project “Territoires Engagés pour la Résilience des Oasis” – TERO met in the oases of Chenini, Gabès. Representatives of Tenmiya...

Published TERO’s flyers

TERO's core activity and commitment is to increase young people's awareness on the issues of climate change and environmental challenges in their territories. Through adequate information and training, partners expect young people to better understand the effects of...

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