The Réseau Associatif de Développement Durable des Oasis (RADDO), of which CARI is the coordinator, has published a collection of fact sheets dedicated to good oasis practices on water, oasis product development, natural resources management and governance.

The RADDO is an international network founded in 2001 and formed by the organizations of the Maghreb and Sahel for the preservation of the oases and their promotion. Involving many local actors, it has recently dealt with adaptive management of oases.

The Adaptive management is a model of “evolutionary” response of societies and nature to the changes they are experiencing and undergoing, aimed at improving, developing and supporting the monitoring of oasis ecosystems and their adaptive management.

Oasis civil society organizations and national institutions in Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia have therefore worked together to systematize oasis adaptive management practices.

At the end of this work, 60 good practices were identified on the issues:
– of water,
– management of natural resources,
– the valorisation of the products,
– and governance.

To consult good practices, visit the RADDO website by clicking here.