Sustainable development is a recent idea established in France in the 1990s. Young people must be involved in decision making process related to sustainable development, as affirmed by the United Nations, in order to ensure a long-term success to all related policies. 
CARI, a member of the TERO project, promotes the environmental commitment of young people by regularly creating international solidarity volunteers (ISF) opportunities. In order to raise awareness on this type of commitment, the French NGO interviewed three international solidarity volunteers deployed to Algeria, Mauritania and Tunisia .

Check it out  their motivation and expectations!

Ahamed, Manon and Flora are VSI volunteers  of CARI and are deployed in the frame of CARI’s development projects on sustainable oases in the Maghreb area (through the  RADDO network). They were interviewed in order to promote young people’s commitment to environmental issues as part of the TERO project. In particular, they share their missions and the reasons for their commitment towards the oases territories.