In order to capitalize on the training and capacity-building activities carried out in the TERO project and make them accessible to all community actors who work for environmental protection and want to mobilize young people in environmental resilience initiatives, the guide “Ecological Resilience: Tools for Youth engagement” is published. This guide was commissioned by the association France Volontaires and produced by Nexes, a non-profit organization that promotes education for peace and global justice, with the aim of fostering sustainable social transformation. Nexes works locally and transnationally, particularly with and for young people, to promote intercultural learning, democracy, human rights, stimulate active participation and fight against all forms of discrimination.

Thanks to its contribution, and under the supervision of FOCSIV and France Volontaires, we are pleased to present this Guide, which aims at  offering simple, clear and practical ideas, tools and advice to encourage and support the mobilisation of young people for environmental issues in oases.

Based on the concrete experience of the TERO project, this guide aims to promote the exchange of practices and activities collected in Tunisia, Mauritania and Morocco in order to allow their multiplication. Aimed at all community actors working for the protection of the environment and wanting to mobilize young people who take initiatives for environmental resilience, this guide capitalizes on the reflection process around the practices of youth mobilization in oasis communities carried out by the partners ASOC, AOFEP and TENMYIA.

The youth mobilization practices identified by the partners were analyzed by Nexes in order to identify possible areas for improvement.

The structure of the guide is as follows:
Chapter 1_ Based on the experience of the Tero project, we reflect on the role of youth in climate engagement;
Chapter 2_ presents the targets and needs that have requested the publication of a guide;
Chapter 3_ starting from a theoretical description of the 3 phases of youth mobilization (i.e. recruitment, accompaniment and retention), 15 replicable mobilization practices carried out by the partners in Tunisia, Mauritania and Morocco are described.
Chapter 4_ Thanks to Nexes’ expertise, 10 useful tips for improving the impact of the activities have been written;
Chapter 5_ last but not least, in order to capitalize and make replicable the training course on youth mobilization carried out by Nexes in the three project countries, the training module on mobilization is also published for the benefit of all members and workers of environmental organizations, associations, structures and communities who would like to integrate young people into their association as potential new members.

Download here the final version of the Guide in FREN,  IT and ARABIC.

An arabic version will be available soon.